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Andres Valbuena

ames presents new products at maison & objet paris september 2019

ames presents new products at maison & objet paris september 2019

Hola Colombia: Visit ames at MAISON & OBJET Paris 2019 | 06-10 September 2019 | Hall 6 | Booth 082 P81 

Can a square ever become a circle? It can, if it’s a Par rug! We are constantly looking for ways to develop favourites further, as well as to create entirely new products. And so, in response to popular demand, we are delighted to show our Par rug in a round format for the first time. And our Caribe dining table is now even available with a marble top: exquisite to the eye and to the touch.

Our Killa mirror series, by Pauline Deltour, is growing too. We have added a full-length standing mirror and a bigger wall-mirror, as well as extending the colour palette across the range.

An undoubted highlight will be provided by the new Subas rugs, by Sebastian Herkner. These will be available in three sizes and five designs. But you will not only be able to enjoy our products at our stand:

Ames will be making an impression elsewhere too!

We look forward to seeing you at MAISON & OBJET Paris 2019!

ames at MAISON & OBJET PARIS 2019 (06-10 September 2019)
Hall 6 / Booth 082 P81

Opening hours
Fry 06/09 to Mon, 09/09.: 09:30 am - 7pm
Tue, 10/09.: 09:30 am - 6pm

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