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Andres Valbuena

BARRO-Vase: Now 100% water-resistant

BARRO-Vase: Now 100% water-resistant

Dear Sir and Madam,

the highest priority for ames is the high quality of our products, which are handmade with a lot of love and fate. All furniture and home accessories are carefully monitored from our ames-team. In this process, we discovered a minimal leakage of water of our Barro-Vases. This issue was directly taken care of and we managed to improve it:

Thanks to a special sealing, the vases are now 100% water-resistant and can be used for flower arrangements.

If you need any information or have questions please feel free to contact the ames-team:

+49 261 1 333 77 91


¡ames – Soy Yo!

Your ames-team